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Herobloks.co.uk is a non-commerical informational resource dedicated to hero-related construction sets.

For the sake of comprehension some images contained on this site may have been derived from  manufacturers catalogues and as such are copyright of the individual companies concerned. Images from, but not limited to, the following companies may have been used.


Mega Bloks

Any copyright holder wishing to have their images removed may request this via the Contact Us page. 

Heribloks.co.uk is in no way related to, or officially endorsed by, any of the maufacturers whose products are contained on this site.

Herobloks.co.uk assumes that all product details, both textual and visual, submitted via the associated discussion forum are intended for incorperation into the main site and can be used without further consent. Credit for information supplied by indiviudals will be given where possible.

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