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Poupeez 285 Display Box


Set: Poupeez 285 Display Box

Manufacturer: Bandai Mega Bloks


Cat No: 

Released: 2004 (Japan)

Street Price:
Details: Poupeez 285 box. Features 12 indivual boxes from the 2004 range. One each of the ten characters and extras of Masked Rider 1 and Masked Rider 2. The box features a fold up lid for shop display.
The initial set included ten different characters from the original Kamen Rider TV series. All come packaged in the same small card boxes with no indication as to the contents, so in a sense this was Mega Bloks' equivalent to trading cards or Kinder eggs! Each character comes with a named plinth and a 2x4 flat so all the plinths can be joined together.


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